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 Early Speed

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PostSubject: Early Speed   Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:35 am

Dr John Konkhe, Dr Ross Staaden and Dr Robert Gillette collectively, through independent scientific research agree with the following findings -
Energy Use :
In the first 7.5 seconds of a 30-second race, a greyhound metabolises high energy creatine and glycogen stores in its muscles without the need for oxygen. It uses the creatine energy base during the first 3.5 seconds acceleration phase to the first bend of a standard circle track.
In fact, a greyhound expends half of its total energy used in a race for this acceleration stage.
Acceleration Speed :
At maximum acceleration, a greyhound reaches a full speed of 70 kmh within 30 metres or six strides from the boxes, traveling at almost 20 metres per second for the first 250 metres of a race. acceleration stage.
(The full article/studies/findings can be found by googling any or all of the vets mentioned above)
Steve Sugden of has this to say on early speed (taken from New Scientist) -
As it accelerates towards the first bend the greyhound is travelling at close to 20 metres per second. Over the standard 500 metre race distance it will race at 16–17 metres per second, slowing slightly to around 15 metres per second as it approaches the finish line. Around half the total energy that a greyhound uses in a race is expended as it accelerates towards the first bend.
For the first few seconds of a 30 second race the greyhound relies for its energy not on oxygen, but on adenosine triphosphate (ATP, a coenzyme used as an energy carrier in the cells), and creatine phosphate. Then the anaerobic system converts glycogen, stored in the muscles, to glucose in order to create energy.
So how does this relate to handicapping racing greyhounds ? Answer: Probably has important relevance beyond what the average punter is able to determine. My own 'take' out of this is that I am wary of the explosive beginner. Too many times have I seen him/her begin to fold at the halfway mark or the three quarter mark and not able to see the race out, having expended too much energy getting there. Any thoughts ?

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PostSubject: Re: Early Speed   Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:56 pm

A great analysis there zoom top, i agree the explosive starter generally gets caught from the 3/4 mark onwards, a bit like a pacesetter in a human race does. The only time i see the explosive starter doing well is when most of the other dogs are mid paced to the turn and create a bottleneck of trouble giving the starter that extra couple of lengths buffer, where they usually hold on by a head or a neck
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PostSubject: Re: Early Speed   Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:59 am

In many cases early speed is relative to the running styles of the greyhounds boxed in adjacent traps. If one or two dogs have greatly superior speed, they will lead to the winning post first time around. The tricky part is when three or four or all the dogs for that matter are about even in beginning ability. This is where bumping and crowding occurs. So when they say a dog is well boxed, it often means it will get a clear run. Attention to times, running position in recent runs can really be worthwhile. Except of course where the dog is a late speed dog where being quick out of the boxes is not paramount. I've seen enough races where boxes 1,2 and 3 get in each others way and allow the outside division a clear run. Dogs moving in or out can easily disrupt the momentum of your chosen fancy. I use times, running position and comments to address any possible early speed problems.
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PostSubject: Re: Early Speed   

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Early Speed
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